Kujali International

Kujali International is US 501c3 public charity with a mission to equip orphaned & vulnerable youth with the tools, resources, and opportunities to overcome poverty and become agents of change in their community. 

Kujali leads programs in education and social enterprise for underserved youth in high-poverty regions, and sustains its social impact programs through educational travel adventures for individuals who seek to expand their worldview, engage in cross-cultural exchange, and participate in challenging physical feats – such as our 
Climb for Kujali and Youth Summit adventures.  

Ultimately, Kujali seeks to harness the power of education and social enterprise to alleviate poverty, empower vulnerable youth, and build a more equitable and sustainable world.  Join us as we expand our work and continue our impact on the lives and futures of young people in East Africa.  Whether you climb a mountain, donate $20, or volunteer your time & skills, we invite you to be a part of our work and vision.  

Learn more about our history, our programs, and our impact at www.kujali.org 


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